Thursday, 18 April 2013

Impresiones Gigantes 2

Exhibition from May 7th. Colegio de Arcitectos, Plaza San Augustin. Granada.

A print from each artist will be sold to raise money for charity. Other prints will be available from international artists.

Impresiones Gigantes

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Springtime in Granada.

Or, is it already summer? With temperatures hitting the 30's regularly now the streets during the afternoon a far too hot for anything. Siesta needs to be accommodated. Working hours have to be adjusted. As an artist you can't waste time if you want to make it work. This means working/selling outdoors from 10am -2pm. Lunching and administration, organising and generalising from 2pm - 6pm. This is also studio time. From 6pm onwards it is back to the streets. Nor uncommon to find me still out selling in the early hours during summer. Relying mostly on passing tourists as I do, summer is time to save cash to get you through next winter. Hopefully.

Here's a washy coloured sketch that got wet (someone spilled a bottle of water on it). Stuff gets ruined on the streets. You have to accept that.