Monday, 8 May 2017

A merry band of happy travellers.

I am back in Granada. Have been for a couple of weeks now. There isn't anywhere I feel happier, more content, and healthy basically. It is a very nice place to be. No money, but - well, hey! There are many things much more important in life than TheWorldsMostExpensiveChocolate.

Sitting in Plaza Nueva, drinking a beer (did I need to mention 'drinking a beer'?), I saw someone wearing a Mutefish T-shirt. Some members of Mutefish I first met in Malaga I think. I then met Bo on my last visit to Ibiza. Sometimes these travelling circles make for a very small world. This is Mutefish. A very cool bunch of very hard working, very talented travelling folk. We come from all sorts of circles. All sorts.

Ambition. Of all the travelling people I meet - there are many, many, many - the majority of people I meet possibly. Travelling. There are travellers and travellers as there are people and people. More than anything else in people I meet I respect ambition. Fuck your background, fuck your history, fuck everything else, just show me you have dreams to chase. Personally, if you have no dreams to realise you might as well be compost.

This is why I enjoy bands like Mutefish. You hear it in their music. Chazbo Zelena is currently heading towards Sumatra (I hope?). He has a nice boat. I am very envious, but I love the guy to bits for his dreams, ambition and raw, beautiful music. When I say 'beautiful' I don't always mean 'beautiful'. This is not important. It is music with passion. Music with a real heart beat. And, most importantly he has the ambition to make his dreams happen. They will happen.

I have enough cash in pocket to spend Five whole fucking days just painting. Five whole fucking days without having to consider cash. Five days of my ambition and dream realised.

The result will, of course, be here for all to see soon. Six days possibly.