Sunday, 23 May 2010

Santiago Fucking Stinks!

It does :)

Rubbish is piling up. Festering in the heat. Very humid today also. That won't help.

Many tourists won't notice. The pretty bit of town is being kept clean by strike breakers with the help of Police. Why do people do that? Break strike to keep the tourists happy whilst their own people are left to suffocate in the rancid air of the suburbs? Cunts! It's just my opinion.

The smell is more about disinfectant today. A humid breeze is carrying the stench of the suburbs into the pretty old town.

Where will it all end?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Shoes.

Someone asked for a new blog post again.

I shall write just to remind myself what I'm supposed to be doing. Laxe is to expensive during summer. I have been offered a place from September.

But, I have a new plan. It may be a little bit ambitious and may not happen until January next year, but it's a plan I am pretty set on.

I've almost given up trying to find sponsors for the time being. Making money on the street is proving to be far more difficult now than it was this time last year. I am picking up quality commissions though. Sort of surviving. Not raising money for charity. Not complaining. Not really moving forward. I think my plan is to simply 'hang on in there' until I have my own money to move things forward at the end of the year. It's a lazy plan.

I have also met someone who may, or may not affect my plans! I care about her a great deal. No idea which way this will go???

And, I have new shoes. I like them. Simple black trainers with white and blue stripes.

That's about it. Life has become very routine in a very unreliable, artist's sort of way.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Post About Nothing.

Someone mentioned I hadn't blogged for a while. That's because nothing much is happening. Just business as usual. Things may change soon. A new opportunity may have arisen!

I'm also getting just a little distracted by someone who is very beautiful. Lucky me :)