Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Now it is hard work!

In Four years of walking and selling sketches, picking up work, today was the most difficult. It was sunny, all was good. 12 hours to cover the cost of my €12 bed!

Times are getting seriously tough. You see it on the street. More bag snatchers. Less art buyers :(

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I read a book once.

Hey! Didn't we all?

I forget the name of this book, but it was a bestseller, and a very good book. It painted vivid pictures in my mind of a very wet, grey and dismal Barcelona. It was about a secret library (amongst many other things). This is not Barcelona I thought. Barcelona is blue skies and sunshine.

Ever since reading that book, every time I have visited Barcelona it has been very wet, grey and dismal. Brainwashed by a single book from a sceret library of truth! It's not just me - the weather people believed it also.

I'm washed out once again by Barcelona :(

Rain is expensive. Very expensive.

Friday, 18 November 2011


I've been toing and froing between Barcelona and Sitges for a few weeks now. Work is good.

Here is a 'secret' about Sitges. The race track... see Google maps.

Many other 'secrets' about Sitges, but it doesn't need them, so they remain 'secrets'. Story is that this track was built for a Grand Prix back in the 40's. The workers who built the track didn't get paid, so they took the prize money. It's remained closed, but fully intact ever since.

I'm back in Barcelona where I actually saw the police catch a bag snatcher. They are actually beginning to deal with real crime instead of giving charity fund raising artists a hard time. Perhaps things are changing in this beautiful, but very wrong city?