Thursday, 28 April 2011

Reflecta 230x USB DigiMicroscope.

I'm in Pamplona - a city a always enjoy very much. I like it here as much as I like Leon and Granada. I'm about to start walking. I am carrying far too much! Amongst the non-essentials I am taking with me is a Reflecta 230x USB DigiMicroscope. My favourite new toy. Here is a Pamplona Pansy at around 200x

Travel photography from a very different perspective.

Monday, 25 April 2011

The Secret Chinese - Madrid.

Finally moving in the right direction :)

Madrid is a city I know well and enjoy always. Top tip bfor travellers on a budget who enjoy good Chinese food: Go to the top end of Plaza EspaƱa and look for this entrance to an underground carpark. It's much more than just a carpark, but you would never know.

Keep following the steps until you find the Chinese cafeteria. Delicious, good value food and a rather cool place to be seen it seems.

Madrid has a huge homeless population currently. The most street people I've ever seen in a city. Almost every redundant, dry corner is taken by a rough sleeper. I'm guessing many people have just arrived looking for summer work, but I know many are also permanently on the streets. Pretty sure some foreign tourists to Western Europe would be shocked to see this. The number of people even shocks me. Shouldn't be happening even during times of crisis.

Other than that I'm enjoying as ever.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Pigeon Catchers.

I've already told you how friendly Granada is. Today the local environmental were re-homing pigeons. It was all being filmed by national telly people. Which is a shame really, because I had questions I couldn't ask. Specifically; "how do you stop the pigeons homing back to the plaza?".

Being rather suspicious, sceptical and cynical I think the corn they feed the pigeons is 'special corn' that prevents them from returning anywhere other than pigeon heaven.

All this happened just 10 minutes ago. I bring you the news that really matters as it happens, when it happens before TVE even get to the editing suite and corrupt stuff with the PR people.

See! This is going to be good :)

1. Corden off the square before asking me to move.
2. Bait with corn.
3. Fire big net over pigeons.
4. Put them in box and take them to the rubbish dump.

The TV people interviewed those watching. They didn't interview me. If they had I would have told them straight: "Pigeons have as much right as humans to be on this planet, but we must control them, or they will take over the World and end up controlling us!".

The news is unlikley to be as exciting, and as fresh as this piece on all posts I make, but I promise to do my best if people buy my paintings to raise money for charity.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Almost ready...

Granada is a trap. A very nice trap. Still my favourite city, and friendliest city I know. Think I leave tomorrow. I am itching to get moving.

I will be typing 'on the fly' to post here much of the time. I want to record eveything as I feel at the time. It will not always make nice reading!