Monday, 25 October 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Fuck yeah!

It only took me 9 weeks. I have no idea why I am so shit at this stuff.

Very tempted to stay in Madrid. I like it here, and I will return with all my furniture soon. But, I'm getting out whilst the going is still good. One last hour on my best pitch to cover bus fare back to Granada.

Friday, 22 October 2010


Right. Remind myself.

I have all documents. I have the cash. I have paid for my bed for 3 nights (in an interesting part of town I haven't explored before).

Monday - get to the fucking embassy :)

To the Mum and Daughter I spoke to by the ticket office in front of the palaces today...;

You cheered me up loads. No need to do more! I could ask for more, but I'm rarely that cheeky! Nice chat :)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Some Policia Local Are Actually OK.

My erm... 'relationship' with police has proved to be only 2nd most influencial hazzard to the weather on this adventure (an adventure which may well end soon!).

On the whole, generally, blah, blah, blah... they've been OK. One horrible experience in Granada that shook me up big time. I've got used to the attitude of most - they're only really there to impress rich tourists. It's the truth. They're employed to protect business interests above all else and tourism is THE business in Spain.

However, occassionally you meet good guys in uniform. Today was one of those days. Good advice. Good information. Friendly approach. Extremely diplomatic.

I'm just €10 short of a new passport. IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! Possibly.

We'll see. I've been this close before.

Friday, 15 October 2010


Policia Local - booooh!

Hopefully they will be off duty for the weekend.

At least I'm having fun. Meeting some loverlly people :) Nice to talk to you 'fantasy'! And, I hope to spend more time talking to the beautiful Industrial Engineer from Harrow before I leave. I have absolutely no idea what industrial engineers are supposed to look like, so no need to tell me you don't look like one ;)

These guys are fucking good entertainment...

Seems I am only allowed to work evenings ATM. Maybe, just maybe I will have cash for passport by Monday. Must stop spending/partying!!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I like it here :)

I'm off to find out who's still about and spunk all me cash.

I may stay a few days!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Light is Appearing!

Despite the rain and wine spillage that was a good weekend. I am just €20 shy. I can see the goal! Work in Granada this evening. Get night bus to Madrid. Go cry in the embassy :)

I am actually getting there!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Hazzards of Being a Street Artist Nº 119


The weather has gone shit. Expected, so I stocked up on sketches to sell. Sketching on the street until the rains came, I ran to a bar to treat myself to a tapa I can't really afford. Found a quiet corner at the bar. After 2 minutes I was swamped by a bunch of ignorant cunts who pretended they couldn't see me - it is the Spanish way.

Clumsy fucking clot knocked not 1, not 2, but 3 glasses of wine all over me, my sketches, and my coat. Fucking bitch just smiled expecting an 'excuse me' to excuse her. 10 hours of work fucked. Nothing to sell this weekend. I'm stuffed again :(

Perhaps I should just get a bus to Madrid now and finally say 'fuck off' to Granada once and for all? Too many selfish cunts here.

Spent €20 on new materials. €18 for a bus to Madrid. Possibly the best option.

The Hazzards of Being a Street Artist Nº 106

In a pedestrianised plaza some twat ran over my sketches and bags before stopping to reverse over them. Sketch fucked. Paints in bags spurted all over the shop. I was a little bit angry. With hindsight, I'm glad Guardia Civil were around to step in.

Down to just 80 Cents and a single roll of paper. Thankfully yesterday evening was good. A recovery to €60. Today it looks like rain :( But, at least I have enough to get to Madrid on Monday.

Friday, 8 October 2010


Right. I have all the documents I need and I have signed photo. Mission for the weekend: make enough cash to get to Madrid and pay for a new passport.

This is going painfully slowly :(

I am still a minimum of 3 weeks away from releasing cash and moving forward. The rains will be arriving soon. Oh noes!

I actually saved €160 at one point. Then 5 very poor days and I'm back down to fuck all. Whatever I have in pocket on Monday I take to Madrid and try to make the difference there.

A guy here just applied for his Spanish passport. 48 Hours and €22 got him passport + digital ID card. Rip-off Britain? I could moan for days, no weeks about this privatised system. It is shit. And, my original passport is still floating around perfectly valid. Twats.

Erm... onwards and upwards.

Friday, 1 October 2010

New Boots!

Yay! Whoever you are; thank you very, very much.

An almighty confidence boost. Difficult to explain the psychological effect of new boots after wearing totally worn out shoes for weeks. From trying to hide my feet to kicking proudly in an instance. I'm already fighting back :)

I have all the forms, documents, papers etc. I have my passport photographs - I look like a criminal, but who doesn't? I think it's the norm. All I have to do now is get them signed by some professional type who's known me for Two years. Erm... not exactly the type of company I've been keeping for the past Two years!

Oh. I still need more cash than I can currently imagine to get get to Madrid and pay for new passport.

Edgeing closer. I can see the light now.