Monday, 27 June 2016

The Real Vote has yet to Happen.

I am currently in Benalmádena. I like it here - some of these Costa del Sol resorts are beginning to mature and develop very pleasantly. I still have no Passport. When/if it arrives it will probably be missing something; the EU symbol.

Yet, I suspect as a UK Passport holder I will still be an EU citizen.

* The Brexit poll result has no legally binding status.

* UK national elections will almost certainly take place long before exit negotiations have even started.

* At least Two contending political parties will include retention of EU membership, or even rejoining as part of their manifestoes.

Amongst holday makers and UK ex-pats here in Spain Brexit has beaten the football into Second place on the discussion table. Even other Europeans here were watching Brexit more eagerly than the football. Except for the Spanish of course (I will come to that later).

Amongst the many voters and opinion makers I have spoken with I get Two common themes from UK citizens:

Pro-Europe voters, like myself, see the relative peace, prosperity and freedom as something far too precious to risk losing for future generations. Read the history books - it has never happened before!

The against voters seem to be resoundingly against the freedom to travel and immigration. They think EU membership is to blame for property prices. It isn't. Whilst I fully appreciate the frustration of being excluded from the peoperty market, I don't understand why people think EU membership is to blame for high house prices.

With non of the benefits of EU membership the UK is going to rely even more on foreign investment, foreign workers and bank speculation. House prices will only rise even more disproportionatley compared to the national average salary. Leaving the EU is not the answer.

The start of the solution is remaining within Europe. A Europe where ALL member states (including Spain) sign-up fully to the EU constitution. Deal with corruption. Deal with illegal labour. Regain control of the bakns.

That is a very big ask in a Capitalist World, but I believe it is the only believable option.

Will my own life be any different without an EU logo on a new Passport? I doubt it. Whilst I fundamentally believe in Socialist values, I am also a very independent person. I know how to look after myself and exclude myself when that is the best option.

Things are always relative from your own perspective!

One other thing the anti-Europe voters may like to consider. That special relationship with our cousins across the pond. It counts, and we risk losing it also. No EU membership means no influence on the European political scene and more complicated trading partnerships. Spain looks set to benefit here. They haven't signed-up whilst getting most of the pluses from EU membership. As such they effectively retain some sort of autonomous status. With the US naval base at Rotar (a short sail from Gibraltar) and Ms Obama Junior about to start her work placement at the US embassy in Madrid, the US look like they are preferring a different sort of special relationship.

Well hey, that is my shout for the day. Everybody else seemed to have an opinión, so I thought I would form my own and possibly vote at the important stage ;)

Monday, 20 June 2016

Ronda, Benalmedina, Fuengirola and possibly Gibraltar.

Contact me for work. Walking slowly along the coast and through the mountains whilst I wait for new passport. All options considered!
Tlf: (34) 689 744 929

Fifth laptop and camera stolen in less than Two years. Working on the streets is getting more complicated.

Monday, 6 June 2016

I have run out of pens :(

Hard times in Malaga. Think I just can't compete with Picasso. These tourists are not really art appreciators. Moving soon.