Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Granada, Granada, Granada and Life as an Itinerant Artist.

Granada. I like it.

It is very difficult to make money on the streets here, but I'm picking up good commissions. Not brilliant, just good enough. And, I really do like the 'me' themed new hotel full of my giant sketches and other art. I like it a bit too much actually!

I know many people here. I have many friends here. There are as many reasons to stay as there are to move on. However, move on I must. It seems no single provincial city is going to provide sufficient fulltime work for an artist like myself. I have to keep moving. Keep following the work. Taking each opportunity as it arises. Seems this is the only way to make it work financially.

I'm still busy here. No reason to move on just yet, but work awaits in Leon, Salamanca and Santiago (Santiago can wait as long as it has to - I'm in no rush to return!).

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

You Don't Have to Have the Solution...

Just don't be a part of the problem.

Did someone sing that once upon a time?

Granada. Love it. Hate it.

I'll start with the good; the dry heat and a readily available supply of locally grown opium has got shot of my rheumatism for the time being. Joking. Possibly ;)

The good gets better. A new hotel (very posh, very nice) has entirely designed their decor around my sketches. Looks fab and it's a totally ME themed posh hotel :)

Down side...

Well, dead people doesn't do much for the spirit.

No cash on the streets and Southern Spain manaƱa syndrome.

I'm still a little more than fucked off with the way I was let down in Santiago (and, I have to go back - fuck it). Because of one single person I seem to be burning bridges here, left, right and center. My trust has gone. Ripping up sketches in front of clients. I'm losing it again.

On the other hand, I have good friends here, know good people. I may be skint, but I will never go hungry, or short of tobacco (thank you Tracey!). But, 12 hour days for about €8. Seriously that shit on the street. Good commissions generally, but my mind really isn't on the job ATM. I'm doing more harm than good.

Work lined up for a bus to Leon. I love Leon!!!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Granada. Hmmmmm...

I love this city. It is unique. It is 'home'.

However, everytime I return I get bad news. Three 'street folk' dead this time plus someone else a little bit fucked-up to say the least.

I have moaned about having to work on the streets amongst street people. I have called them 'manipulative'. Many are - they have to be. But, many are also highly vulnerable and susceptible. As difficult as they can be at times, they are on the whole very likeable, intelligent people. On the whole. There are always exceptions. As in any other walk of life there are cunts amongst them.

3 dead people amongst a very small community.

People talk about the comaradery/comradeship amongst street people. It exists, but it is incredibly shallow. Most have their own priorities. Those that die are very quickly forgotten. It's almost like an accepted risk.

Someone is avoiding me, and it's not just about a €10 'loan'.

I love Granada, but I want out. Back to Leon!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Madrid to Granada.

And, back to Granada. Will it still feel like home? Been a long time this time around.

Leon was as good as ever. Long bus ride ahead. Stuff to do. I am still feeling totally gutted :( I need time in Granada. Sure it will still feel like home.


I'm not a violent person BTW. Did I mention that yet?

Friday, 9 July 2010


Rapidly becoming my 1st favourite city.

Far better mood today. No more bitterness! Ponferrada and the good people of Bierzo delivered again. Thanks for the free food and thank you very much for introducing me to lemon iceydrink thing with beer.

I'm in my favourite hotel. The good people there who know me well and know I'm not violent have given me a huge double room with flatscreen TV and everything for just €18/night :) Can't really explain publicly why I've found the accusations of being a violent person so offensive, but it hurt. Lots.

Moving on. I'm in a city I love. I'm cashed-up. Seems it is only Santiago's problem. I missed the Friday deadline for permission to work the streets for the weekend. Hopefully that won't be a problem.

Plan is to enjoy Leon for the weekend and make enough cash to get directly to Granada Monday. And, buy new shoes. I would really like some new shoes.

Best of all; I got my eyes treated. All is going to heal perfectly.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Let me tell you about some of the people I have to 'work' with.

Big storm has just arrived and spoiled plans, so I have free time for internet rubbish and stuf :)

Paul. I use his real name. He is a pretend pilgrim. A bus to Santiago de Compostela for easy begging. He sometimes works for super secret government agencies who follow him all over the World and have underground bunkers wherever he lives. They owe him Millions. Not sure Millions of what? He is a believer. He was actually at The Last Supper! As I left Santiago he asked me to buy him a drink (he manages very well, even got €100 out of the pilgrims office for a new passport - blasted on booze and coke in 5 hours) he told me very seriously that he had been watching me. So, I guess I get arrested for suspicion of terrorism when I get home. Bugger! That could be a problem, I have things to do.

Ax. A very different sort of artist. Very clever. A manipulator. He used to play with a big, big super group that formed in the 70's. He may well have done in his dreams as a 10 year old watching TV in his bedroom. He is going to form a big band and tour the World. In the meantime he will just busk for as long as he needs to if he can't find a woman to fool. He is a peace loving hippie who also fought in the Gulf War (obviously, he picked up a few mental troubles). A peace loving hippie who likes to throw people down heavy stone steps.

Hektor. A very worrying recent acquaintance is also a pretend pilgrim. Managed to walk here from Valencia via San Sebastian and Pamplona in about 10 days! I'm in Ponferrada. He is a very dangerous fuck.

Various others ask and steal everyday. They fuck about with people I care about and can't watchover because I actually have to work. All are very susceptible characters themselves, but most of all they find life easier as manipulators. Well, good for them.

I am seriously fucked off ATM. Generally (and, I am generalising) most street folk are cool. I'll give anyone time and trust until they go to far. Then, I let them know they have gone to far in a very understandable, strong, none-violent way. Everyday. Every 12 hours I work in hot conditions, windy conditions, whatever conditions.

I give up because to many of these cunts have been to much of a problem and now they're fucking on my personal life also.

Too much. New project cometh. Very different. Finally all is in place :)

That was a very, very tough 8 months, or so. An experience mind. All good in someways, but I still can't see any point in praying to God. If he does exist, he is actually a total cunt.

A different sort of pilgrimage. Mostly it was very, very beautiful. Just ended a bit fucked.

Exhibitions to do. Other stuff to do. Then, I go walk an even bigger, extrenely different walk :)

Still wobbling just.

I totally lost the plot there for however long it was??? Finally getting a grip. Back on track for a return to Granada, but it has been absolute fucking hell. A very lonley journey. Got there eventually.

Off to my 2nd favourite city, or Madrid this evening. Haven't slept for 4 days. I'm getting those funny imagined music background experiences I first got in Cordoba. They're the only fun bit. Subconsciously writing your own songs and music! Tired. Very, very tired. Bed is priority.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Back to Granada (via Madrid) Somehow???

Yesterday I had more money stolen than I made. Holy Year is attracting all types to Santiago! It's to difficult. Saturated with buskers, street artists, beggars and common thieves.

€43 buys a ticket for a night bus to Madrid. Sketches and paintings sell in Madrid. It will be easy from there.

I have to get out of here for someone elses sake as much as my own! Then I have to return in a couple of weeks to erm... clean up debt :(

Santiago was not good to me this time. Met many good people. Met someone who made life very good for 3 months, but generally, it's been very difficult.

Is this just 'crisis', or just Santiago? Madrid will answer.

Friday, 2 July 2010

An Almighty Wobble.


Very stupid. Totally lost the plot for a few days. A self-induced, self-destructing binge of badness that has left me with sight problems. I can't see well enough to sketch :( Thankfully not permanent.

It's raining again. I seriously want out of this city. Now! But I'm not sure how to get out yet.

I'm up against it ATM. Day 1 of recovery process. Something good will surely happen soon???