Thursday, 28 July 2011

Vienna, Bratislava and a Strange Town in Deepest Darkest Slovakia.

I'm back in Vienna. It seems to have rained constantly for the past 10 days wherever I've been.

A break for a few days in a very beautiful place on the edge of a very strange town near Lucenec. Serious drinking which appears to have left me with a very painful absess on my gum. Feet are much improved.

Vienna is - exactly as you would expect - a stunning city for architectural sketching. I'm on a bit of an uphill mission to make enough cash to get me to Berlin from here. Bratislava was nice also, but much, much smaller.

Not sure how to cope with the rain. It's big, very wet, and very persistent.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Strasbourg. Another update...

I'm in Strasbourg - an exceptionally beautiful (and wet) city. My first rain since...ooooh... I don't know when. I have been extremely lucky with the weather.

From Nice I went by train backwards (again) to Marseille, then onto Lyon. I think I have finally conceded that there will be no more hiking on this trip. My ligaments need weeks, or months to recover.


No more 'qui va a pied'. I'm going to be using trains to work my way across Germany to Austria to Slovakia, then back to Germany (for work in Berlin). Not sure where I go from there.

Despite foot problems, this has been another fabulous adventure meeting many, many good people.

My cameras are both borked also. Photos will come when I've managed to buy a new camera. Paintings have sold for good causes without internet auctions, but hopefully new stuff will appear for auction online soon.

Not without problems, but fantastic fun! :)

Friday, 1 July 2011


An update...

I'm in Nice under strict instruction to rest my feet. I went across the border into Italy (San Remo) and then retreated back to France. Taking an enforced break from hiking and using trains to get to Strasbourg on Monday.

I'm also struggling to get ebay to work for auctioning paintings. I've been carrying this one around for some time now.

I've been posting more on web forums rather than here simply for a bit more interaction and feedback.