Monday, 7 March 2016

The Kids from Pozo Alcon.

I am going to have another attempt at finding these people. This is from 12 years ago now. 12 years - where did it all go?
I would love to know what this bunch are upto today in the reality of a working world. May even try to recreate the photograph. Pozo Alcon is a small agricultural service town on the edge of the Castril and Cazorla natural parks. Stunningly beautiful places. Popular with Spanish people for a weekend retreat, but seemingly off the European tourist map. It is the sort of place where old guys can still be seen returning from the fields, slopes and groves with donkeys. Beautiful scenery, very charming, but little chance of making a living in today's economy. I know a guy who has Two houses on the edge of the village he is trying to sell. Perhaps he will let me stay a couple of nights.
The area is perfect for outdoor activities; climbing, biking, hiking, nature study etc etc etc. Beautiful lakes to swim in, or just dangle your feet whilst sitting in the shade of the pines feeling carp nibble your toes during the heat of August. Should, and could be a very popular place for visitors from all over. The competition is vast in Spain mind - there are so many beautiful places, but most people seem to just want the coast.