Saturday, 1 August 2009

It Rains Lots Here.


It's a problem. This was supposed to be the easy route. Far from it. Whilst I've been stranded in Santander (still can't walk) I've picked up good work, met good people and received lots of help. But, outgoings have been high and it rains lots and lots.

I'm back to square One cash wise. It's raining and my boots leak. Foot is still painful. I'm not happy.

Think I will just start walking again on Tuesday regardless. A few strong painkillers. I'm beginning to wonder if my foot will ever get better. I think it might be fucked for good :( Can't hang around in Santander stagnating much longer. Something has to change.

1 comment:

pedro said...

I saw you in Santander selling photos (I think), and I write your Blog on my mobile phone notes and now I'm writting a comment xD
I was looking at your wonderful photos for a long time but finally I had to leave Santander to come back to Zaragoza.
This blog is a great job, and I encourage you to continue with this.
greetings from zaragoza!!