Monday, 23 November 2009

Me at work...

... In La Coruña.
Thanks to Monte for sending this photo. I like it.

I am still 'stuck' in Granada. Plenty of work - making hay whilst the sun shines. The weather has been fantastic here since I returned.

Planning my next route. A change of plan after learning about a little known route that begins in Cuenca. I'm going to find my own way from Valencia to Cuenca and then follow the existing path (if there is one) from there. Not sure on time scale. An open plan, but I am looking forward to meeting up with people in Santiago again. Oh, and I think I promised someone a sketch in return for a bit of time and a coffee :)


ECT said...

HI THERE! nice to hear you are still planning to do a new route in Spain.
It is really cold in León these days but no wonder this city is eager to see you again ;)
Have fun and keep sketching!

The Lost Photographer said...

Hello Angel of León :)

I will be walking from Valencia to Cuenca to Burgos and then to León. Absolutely no idea about time scale - it could well be spring by the time I get there. Lots of work to do along the way and a trip to Barcelona before I head to Valencia. Whenever, I'll be sure to pop my head around the door and say hello!

All the best,