Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pau - Carcassonne - Narbonne - Bezier - Montpellier.

No painting! Tomorrow.

Briefly, Pau was excellent. I really, really liked the place. Carcassonne; erm... met some nice people. Met some interesting people. Visisted a medeval city built circa 1870.

Narbonne. Pretty.

Bezier. Very interesting place. I liked it very much.

Montpellier. Well, I'm pretty sure I can make enough money here to get a painting online for auction to charity. But, beds are expensive. This has caught me out a bit in Southern France. Almost any city in Spain I could find a bed for €20, or less. Here it is double that.

Boring post. I've had minor complications I wouldn't want to talk too much about here :D But, finally I have time to paint.


Tina said...

I saw your work on Place de la Comedie in Montpellier today. You're really talented! I'm looking forward to follow your work on your blog. :)

henry said...

Just like Tina, I discovered your work on the Place de la Comedie.
I liked your work and am looking forward following ou on your blog.

Art in Hiding said...


thanks for the comments (from everyone). I am really enjoying Montpellier. So much so that I've decided to move on before I get stuck here forever! One more day sketching in Place de la Comedie tomorrow, then I start walking again.

I will return to Montpellier. What a beautiful little city!