Saturday, 19 November 2011

I read a book once.

Hey! Didn't we all?

I forget the name of this book, but it was a bestseller, and a very good book. It painted vivid pictures in my mind of a very wet, grey and dismal Barcelona. It was about a secret library (amongst many other things). This is not Barcelona I thought. Barcelona is blue skies and sunshine.

Ever since reading that book, every time I have visited Barcelona it has been very wet, grey and dismal. Brainwashed by a single book from a sceret library of truth! It's not just me - the weather people believed it also.

I'm washed out once again by Barcelona :(

Rain is expensive. Very expensive.


Carlos said...

I met you today at the brick arch.
:) Was expectin to see your drawings here but its ok also!
I think the book is "la sombra del viento" (the wind's shadow?)
Well, glad that you know some secrets about surroundings ;)

Art in Hiding said...

Hi Carlos,

'Shadow of the Wind' in English. A very nice book.

Sunshine and blue skies today :)

I shall be back in Barcelona for work in April.

Lindsay Rose said...

I saw you in Barcelona when you were near the Triumphal Arch. I was visiting Barcelona because i loved "The Shadow of the Wind" so much i just had to get there.

Keep on keeping on!!!