Thursday, 29 December 2011

Exported to China!

Not me - my paintings. I am going truly INTERNATIONAL! But, I'm still skint :(

I met someone in Barcelona who wanted to try selling my sketches in China (how times are a changing). And, now I'm back very close to where this adventure began:

It's a China connection sort of thing.

When I get paid I go back to Barcelona again. I'm finding I have to travel to find work this way. It's been great. I've enjoyed all of it, however, however, however...

I'm getting a bit tired and missing my own bed, so it's time to settle and knuckle down. Create a more reliable/static/stationary income and existence. After all my walking I still love Granada most. I have a plan! A plan to create a new arts based business in the most economically disadvantaged part of Spain during crisis :D

It's a good plan mind. It bloody well needs to be!

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Factory Girl said...

Hey John - your arts based business in a poor part of spain in a recession sounds like a fab idea!!

Would love to hear more about it (as a serial entrepreneur)

I bought a large Sitges sketch off you in October and it is on my wall in my workshop above my bench - reminding me of where I need to be, or am in my head most of the time - Thank you