Friday, 23 August 2013

Where is the Money?

It is irrelevant. At about 10.30PM the wind changes direction. The air cools and people start coming to the streets. Work is finished. You just have to wait and drink and smoke. Eventually, someone will buy. The art is the waiting. You wait and wait. Another drink another smoke. You wait and watch the theatre in the street. Andalucia - even all of Spain - is a very expressive place. These people are real actors. Nobody buys. You ask yourself 'why am I doing this?'. You have another drink, another smoke. You are joined by good company. Share a drink, share a smoke. These are the moments I used to work for. This is probably why it pays much less. Life is always relative. *F*** me! Just €2 to start the day with tomorrow*. I used to spend it on the train fare to get started. These days I spend it on a can of beer and couple of cigarettes. That is all it takes to complete another day, and reach another beautiful night. No boss - no alarm clock.

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Colin Johnson said...

Hi. We are the family from Wolverhampton who chatted to you a few days ago in Granada. Really liked your drawing but it was too big for our house! If you created smaller drawings you may find them easier to sell? If there is any way to sell to us on line, let us know.Otherwise good luck and keep drawing - you have a real talent.