Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve stroll about town.

Very quiet here. This is the way Spain is on Christmas Eve. Everybody is probably in church now. On a stroll around town I bumped into Josh. Interesting man. He made this art:

He explained to me how the seagull was still so fresh the insects hadn't started to spoil it. Took a while to twist the head of the body apparently. The brains are probably still fresh.

Whilst I was chatting with Josh (there were a Hundred stories to discuss on his bench - the seagull head art is just a small part) a mate appeared with a new friend. She was disgusted by the art. He was appaulled at me for introducing her to Josh's art. I think they missed what I saw, and what Josh saw. I mean, after all, wasn't the first ever Christmas card a picture of a dead robin bleeding into snow? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this work by Josh would fetch a tidy sum presented in the right gallery/context.


Josh shook the orange tree and 64 oranges fell to the ground. 64 from such a small tree! 64 from a single shake!

Happy Christmas :)

I am doing yet another Christmas and New Year in a backpackers hostel. It is fun. Still no closer to replacing my passport, but at least I have a bed in a warm dry place. I am still getting fat whilst getting drunk.

There is something very wrong in this World. None of us can really be worthy of the solution. We can all try not to be a part of the problem. I mean; bloody hell - look at all those wasted oranges. There is at least 64 jars of marmalade there! 64 from such a small tree!

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