Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Lagos and an Estonian connection.

It was Hemingway who said "there is One in every port". Seems he was right. I am on a bit of a Hemingway vibe presently simply because a mate in Granada called me Hemingway (you bastard M!).

I arrive in Lagos and get to work sketching a scene of a bar with trees and a church. A very lovely person then introduced themselves and told me a friend of a friend had one of my sketches in their house in Estonia. I meet Estonians' everywhere, and without exception have enjoyed their company much - possibly more about the travelling/walking circles I move in as much as anything else. Eight years ago I was in Santiago de Compostela where I met 'T' from Estonia (amongst others). Somebody else bought a sketch of the cathedral. And, so, Eight years later, here I am in The Algarve, and yet another sketch heads towards Estonia.

Strange how these things work. Thanks 'T' and all the other very agreeable Estonian people I have met.

 I am still thoroughly enjoying this journey. It is reaching it's final stages, but I really don't want it to end. Walking extremely slowly from here on!


vrtic said...

the maths is wrong.
you must lie about the distance and get the bus

Art in Hiding said...

No. The Maths is not wrong, and I am not out to prove anything to you, or anybody else. I hike very simply, because I enjoy hiking. It is by far the most rewarding way to travel. If hiking is an option, you would have to offer me a lot of money to take a bus.

No idea why you feel so pathetic that you need to post immature crap like this here anonymously?

What is your problem?

vrtic said...

my problem is with people lying.
especially to people like me, who work as professional in hiking.
i take people on hikes in croatia for my work. i understand the effort and health.
you have none of this.
you are terrible person.

Art in Hiding said...


Professional hey? If you read my blog thoroughly, you will see that I have been hiking in a very amateur way for many years. Why are you accusing me of lying? Why do you assume I have no desire to make effort? Why do you think I am unhealthy?

More to the point; why are you even bothering to post comments here?

If you don't like my blog - then don't bloody well read it.

Unknown said...

There is a difference in "professional" hiking and wandering around spotting interesting things to sketch.

The Lost Photographer seems to wander around interesting places not caring whether he has walked one mile or ten miles - such is his interesting life and long may it continue

Good luck for the future; it has been my pleasure to meet you many years ago in Granada