Wednesday, 15 November 2017

In to the fold...

Project Nazare is almost ready to go.

For the first time in many, many years, I am going to have something more, or less like a non-nomadic life. That is the plan. To become a part of a community in a small Atlantic fishing village is going to take a fair bit of adjusting, and skill learning - another new language to try and get my head around. Only took me 10 years to learn Spanish. This is quite a big change, and a challenge I am taking on. Nothing totally new to me (other than the language), but it has been a very long time. I am ready!

Fortunately, I have already met many like minded people here. There is a healthy artists collective amongst many other 'alternative' type things. Even met someone from Freekuency Festival today, which reminded me of another idea I would like to try next summer, so it may well happen there. I have only heard nice things about this free/donation based festival.

What is Project Nazare going to be? It is just going to be me painting, fishing, cooking and drinking beer on the beach. I can't afford beer, so I am going to ask people to send me beer. Seriously. Why would anyone want to send me beer? Out of the goodness of their kind hearts mostly, but there could be another reason.

Just need to buy another HUGE canvass. Replace all my paints, oils, brushes, chemicals and other artist's paraphernalia and I am ready to go. That is going to cost around €500. Almost there. Perhaps another Three weeks, or so. Unless my beer sending plan proves to be more popular than I am expecting.

Oh, and I still need a half decent camera.

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sandy in spain said...

You certainly sound a lot more upbeat and happy these days. Have been in Granada for the last 7 weeks while husband was undergoing treatment for a brain tumour, it seemed odd not seeing you drawing away there. Hope your projects work out well for you and your foot heals.