Friday, 2 February 2018

Where to start? Where to finish?

So many people who stop to chat ask me the same question; "Where do you start?". I started at the beginning.

It isn't really something I think about. You just start at the start. Then, you continue.

I think, if I start anywhere, I start at the most complicated bit. Then, continue.

Where to finish? This is a very different question. You can go too far and spoil. You are working to costs. You can work the light, and then work it some more. You can get carried away in a dream. When to stop?

This isn't quite the finished piece I am happy to let go to a good home. I worked a bit more. Personally, it is my best work in Lisbon so far (this is not the finished thing). I would love to keep it for myself. At the same time, I am happy it goes to a good home in return for paying for my home for a couple of nights.

The money thing. It doesn't have to interfere.

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