Thursday, 30 April 2009

Grey Days & Form Filling.

It's a little bit wet here. I don't care.

How to get permission to sketch on the streets in Leon:

1. Go to the townhall and queue for a 'solicitu' form.
2. Fill in said form.
3. Queue at the correct desk to get the correct stamp.
4. Walk 2KM to the out of town Policia Local building.
5. Get lost in corridors searching for the correct office.
6. Find office and annoy duty police man with his extra bit of work (he obviously hates form filling as much as me).
7. Wait whilst he completes a new form.
8. Wait whilst he takes it to another office for some reason?
9. Wait whilst he takes it to another office to get it stamped.
10. Go and sketch. Yay!
11. Smash head against brick wall when policia local tell you this isn't the plaza you asked permission for.
12. Go through whole process again hoping policia local won't think your wasting their time by being a total plonker and give you permission for the right plaza.

I also have a bit of a chesty cold. Doing my best to ignore all swine flu scare stories.

I'm off to walk to the out of town police station in the rain.


ECT said...
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ECT said...

So sorry. I don´t know what the hell I did but I removed the last comment...
I just said that I didn´t know you needed a permission to skecht the cathedral. That sounds unbelievable. I don´t see the point of that.
I guess weather is not helping you not have a cold...I don´t like this british weather either :)
Enojoy your stay here. Hope you can see the sun and warm temperatures before you leave.
I´ll see you around.

The Lost Photographer said...

Technology hey?


I'll be sketching in my usual spot from about 11 onwards tomorrow morning. I've booked my hotel until Sunday, so will probably have nothing better to do but sketch there until then.

First camino in Northern Spain I didn't have to get permission anywhere other than Salamanca. Barcelona simply doesn't allow artists to work on the streets - very strange for a city that sells itself on it's artistic heritage!

Generally, I find it much easier to work on the streets in Spain than in the UK. I can understand why Policia Local want to know who is doing what on the streets also. At least once I've done the form filling and stuff I'm left alone to get on with my work. It's not a problem.

Let me know when you have time to share a drink/meal/whatever. My Spanish isn't brilliant, but I need to practice ;)

ECT said...