Friday, 24 April 2009

Valladolid. It's Growing On Me.

It would grow on anyone. This is a fabulous city.

Has to be said; there is a bit of a... erm... 'Conservative' undercurrent. Strange thing with cities like this (and London) is that the counter culture has to be better, louder and bolder to survive. Hasn't taken me long to find it and I've already met many cool people here. I'm loving it despite the expensive bed. I'm making enough to keep my head above water and getting invited to party after party. Thank you to the very nice people who invited me to their party last night. That was a quality night.

A night of performance art in a small flat in Plaza San Juan. Excellent music, poetry, animation and general entertainment from a lovely bunch from Spain, Italy, the States, Brasil and me representing (cough, cough) Wales! For my part I sketched each act until I'd downed far to much red wine. Then, for my main act I decided to introduce John Cooper Clark's best known to a new generation. I did the bloody version because I think it works better and I couldn't come up with a better explanation as to why I left the UK.

Another night, another party. Having fun here big time :)

I like Valladolid lots!


Vero y Andrea said...

Hi!!!!! I saw you the other day (I think it was on Wendsday) and i loved you drawings! I was really tempted to just go up to you and say hi and ask you a couple of things...but I'm ussually really shy, least i remembered this site, i could'nt miss the chance to at least tell you how wonderful your drawings were and that I wish I can travel, as you are doing, some day.

I've always thought that it must be the greatest thing ever to do what you're doing!

Im actually not originally from Valladolid, but from the 3 countries where i've lived (including Venezuela and the USA) this one is the one I'm in love with...and i'm only 18!

Hope to see you around again, and get to talk to you! Take care and thank you for being an inspiration to follow!

The Lost Photographer said...

Thanks very much.

Spending my last morning in Valladolid tomorrow in Plaza de Fuente Dorada. Probably hang around until 2PM before leaving this fab city. Come and ask questions. Share a coffee. I don't bite. Honest!