Friday, 24 July 2009

Fisherman's Blues?

I wish I was a fisherman
tumblin' on the seas
far away from dry land
and it's bitter memories...


gardeneer said...

Great song to take away the blues, always reminds me of a bar in Torrox, Andalucia where I used to live.

The Lost Photographer said...

I'm sort of getting into fishing here. Santander is not the easiest city to crack socially. Plenty of good people mind.

Someone emailed that photo and I thought it caught me as I was. Basically, thinking 'fuck-it' - take a boat, or find a home in Santiago where I can listen to old favourites on a Quad Hi-Fi with a bottle of red and a spliff, or Two. Just like things used to be.

Or, perhaps back to Andalucia. I do like it there. Like it lots.

Thanks for the comment:)