Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I Won't Stop Walking Until I Know Where I'm Going. Part 2

I've bought a diary. A diary for planning rather than recording. Work is getting busy.

I won't stop walking until I know where I'm going...

I was always going to Santiago de Compostela. This time I'm going to stay there. Or, at least sort a place to move all my crap out of storage and into a flat, or house, or summat.

Staying in Santander for a while longer. My foot still needs time. Then walking to Santiago from here. Organising an abode. Then back to Granada to repeat route 1. Then staying in Santiago for a year at least. Opportunity knocks. Somewhere in between I have to fit in trips to Barcelona, Berlin and London to arrange future projects.

Busy. Long days. With a diary. It has almost become a proper job.

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piero said...

john!! ahhah Remember me?? frenchy at the plaza nueva? what a crazy suspens you let on your blog ! spicy live too.. see i m back in spain since the first of july until end of august for a workplacement in a lab. i m in Valencia. where are you? granada? i was about spend a week end more in the south around there.. meaby , i ll see ya!! keep it up dude, see you later