Sunday, 27 September 2009

The End.

OK. That's it for me as life as a pilgrim artist. No doubt I'll walk pilgrimage routes again at some time in the future. I'll also come back here and summarise in more detail after I've spent a bit of time normalising and chatting with old friends. Today ended with a policia local conflab. "Show me the law that says I can't sketch on the streets". Apparently I can paint, but not sketch on paper on the floor. It's got fuck all to do with art, and everything to do with being perceived as being poor. Why not go and demand a bug ridden albergue gets itself sorted out? That is doing Santiago no good at all. The vast majority of people enjoy what I do. It's harming no-one.

I'll keep this blog going for my next project.

Now I-m off to meet friends in the mountains and enjoy a proper holiday.


Photos said...

The Policia (and in particular the Locales) are a bunch of inept, lazy and particularly cowardly group of pathetic 'funcionarios' (civil servants). They don't have the balls to deal with the real issues on the street; robbery, pickpocketing, violence etc. Instead they pick on easy targets like street artists or even young kids skateboarding because they don't have the courage or 'huevos' to do their job properly. Most of them can't be bothered anyway, as long as their monthly wage is safely in the bank, who gives a fuck about anything else. Pen pushing arseholes....

PS Sorry about the rant..

Good luck


Sanna said...

I'm guessing...Google Translate? Very creepy anyhow!

But I won't post that portrait because I'm not pleased with the quality of it (I had the wrong regime on) - but since I have my camera always with me, I'll surely take another portrait of You next time I see You.
So make yourself visible!

Best of Luck and have a great vacation!

The Lost Photographer said...

Hi Tammo,

I'll be in Granada sometime next week. A call to share a beer, or two and a wager on who finishes best; Villa, or Spuds? :D

I'll give you a call. Forewarned is fore.....

The Lost Photographer said...

Hi Sanna,

That was nothing to do with Google, or the internet, or computers, or anything other than my brilliant understanding of Estonian :)

Look forward to meeting you again in Santiago. Share a coffee and some good conversation and you get a free sketch of whatever you want me to sketch. Deal? I'll post a comment on your blog (in Estonian ;)) when I'm next in Santiago.

Thanks for not posting my ugly mug portrait.

Sanna said...

Well, You sure are a fast learner! So the conversation will better take place in Estonian! I can offer You conversation, but if it’s going to be a good promises on that one :)

And I'd love to have one of Your sketches! Something Santiago related - to remember this great town (you can always buy me off with free art!)

See You soon!