Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Worst Kebab Shop in the World Ever...

... is in La Coruña. €5 for the most pathetic mouthful of meat, dribble of lettuce and white stuff. Not 100% sure, but there may have been a very small piece of onion in there also.

Just thought I would mention that.

Other than that, I like La Coruña. Money isn't good and it is expensive, but I like it. Not Spain's most beautiful city, but I like it. Fantastic swimming beaches.

Not sure what's going on on the sales front. Saturday and Sunday were business as usual. Yesterday was absolutely dire. Today has also been crap so far. Nothing has changed as far as I can tell. Just seems that everyone is in a dead grumpy mood and not interested in sketches at all. Rain is on it's way and I'm near skint. Expensive bed. Expensive meals.

Huge thank you for the tinned fish, bread and pears. You know you're in a good city when people go to that sort of trouble.

How did I get here? I cheated. Sort of. There were Three options from Oviedo. Three different routes and I wanted to explore all of them. I walked for about 60KM from Oviedo, then took the bus to La Coruña. From here I will walk to Finisterre before getting a bus back to Oviedo and walking a Third distance along the Second route.

It is just getting more and more beautiful. I'm almost speachless about the beauty of the countryside here. Tiny little fields cut out of forests and shrubs. Enchanting. Magical. If fairies exist they live here. I would like to live here also despite the rain.

Rain cometh. No money :(


Administración said...

I saw your work yesterday at "Plaza de María Pita" and I was curious about your adventure, so I entered today in your blog. Congratulations.

I agree about the kebab shop but you should have tried with some native food like "bocadillo de jamón serrano con tomate", in any "jamonería", cheaper and further better. :)

The Lost Photographer said...


Very occassionally I crave a kebab. Granada has the best kebab/shwarma shops in the world. I've been spoiled. That was very disappointing. Forgot to mention that it was cold also. They wonder why the place is empty?

Normally, I watch to see where all the old guys eat and follow them. They generally know where your € is best spent ;)

Possibly walking through the night and the rain this evening after one last sketch in Plaza de Maria Pita. Just been Googling her name. She sounds like my sort of woman :D


gardeneer said...

Have to disagree about the best place for Kebab's. You have over looked the 'Ye Bam Bam Ye' at Cemetary Junction in Reading, UK.
I never found a kebab shop in spain that ever did a proper donner made with the elephants leg style meat.
I've been doing some research on other pilgrim routes and quite like the Via de la Plata from Sevilla to Astorga where it joins the big pilgrim routes to Santiago in the north of spain.
Have you walked any of this route? as this may be the route i will take once i save enough money and spare time.
Here is a link:

The Lost Photographer said...

There is a kebab shop in Granada that does a doner with a fried egg and absolutely packed with quality mixed salad for €2.50. No elephants leg skin graft style kebab, but more than any man can eat. Can't be beaten.

I walked Via de la Plata from Zafra. The stretch between Merida and Caceres remains one of my favourite hiking memories. Merida and Caceres are fascinating little cities for very different reasons. The walk between the Two cities is a fabulous undulating landscape peppered with small oaks and large, wind worn natural sculptures of granite. It is a part of Via de la Plata I promised myself to return to one day with a special friend. I was low on cash and had to rush. Next time I'll take at least Four days and camp out - plenty of safe 'hidden' pitches. Albergues in Extremadura are amongst the most expensive, but the best. Still good value from €7 - €15/night.

Caceres to Plascencia is pretty special also. Plascencia is a tad off-route, but well worth visiting.

I walked in mid October. Conditions were just about perfect.

I actually walked from Granada (where I live because I love cheap kebabs). I didn't meet a single pilgrim en-route until I had almost reached Salamanca (beautiful city with the best tapas I've ever tried in Spain). However, many of the albergues were full at weekends with Spanish and German cyclists/hikers just making use of the facilties.

I'm very much looking forward to walking it again at my oen pace. May even be doing it at the end of this month - retreading my footprints with new knowledge to see how different an experience it is.

Do it. You'll love it.