Friday, 27 August 2010

My New Project...

A few things to sort out that may take a few weeks first, but then...

Whilst following camino routes to Santiago de Compostela it became pretty obvious that the trails are actually much older than the Christian calendar. I'm convinced they roughly follow very old human migration routes.

The earliest reference I can find about Santiago is that it was setteled by a tribe from the Rhine valley. Routes from all directions seem to converge towards the NW tip of Spain. No doubt from there some people managed to cross the Atlantic long before Columbus had his day.

I am going to explore theories about these routes. Walking only by night with nothing but the stars to guide me - following whatever instinct instructs me. Firstly from Eastern Europe and then the Rhine valley to see if any 'natural phenomenon' directs me to Santiago. Then from Africa. Initially from Senegal. If money allows, I will then try from Ethiopia.

Covering the costs myself and hoping to raise money for charity. I will be making videos to post on an all new, all singing, all dancing website at when I begin.

I'm hoping to raise more cash for more community art projects as I travel also.

I won't be walking all the way. I intend to walk as much as cash allows.

Looking at an October start. May take longer. May not.

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