Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Next Project?

I've decided what it will be. But, it won't happen until January. No real idea what I'm going to do in the meantime other than survive! Carry on as I am I guess. Picking up occassional commissions and selling sketches on the street whilst trying to raise money for charity (that isn't going to well ATM).

For a year from January I will be travelling all over Europe and Africa :) Making art, film, photography and exhibiting. Paintings, sketches, photographs and more will be offered for sale via an all new website and auctioned on ebay. All profit to go to charity. A bit of a working holiday. I'll be paying for it myself - ultimately, it's all about an adventure for me and self-promotion. I will also be looking for donations to charity and I have an offer to help fund costs of community projects.

Yeah - I know, I've changed my mind plenty of times before, but this one is workable. No flying. All land and water. Walking, buses, car, motorbike, ferry. As much walking as possible. Walking is expensive mind.

In the meantime, it's business as usual. I haven't been to Segovia yet. I met a couple from Segovia here in Leon. They bought sketches. One sketch may well pay for a bus to Segovia. There is actually a pilgrimage route I could walk from there. One last time to Santiago de Compostela???


Daisy Cow said...

Go for it! Segovia is really worth visiting! :)

The Lost Photographer said...


I will visit Segovia before taking a holiday on my favourite bit of the North Spanish coast.

Just took a look at your profile. I grew up on a small manufacturing dairy farm on the Welsh borders. Way ahead of it's time, or possibly way behind the times? Producing all natural, all organic products back in the 70's and 80's.

I'm back in Granada. Do you know the story about the Guernsey cow that came all the way to a Budhist monastery in the Apuljarras from Devon?

A smuggled cow actually. It was during the Mad Cow scare. The cow was walked across the borders of Spain and France. She belonged to a woman with a small holding in Devon. When she died some guy who happend to be a vet delivered the cow to the monastery as a gift. She is still providing milk today.