Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Too Many Dead Ends.

Fuck! I hate this shit. How many weeks later?

I am getting there very slowly. I've given up trying to use the seamlessly integrated digital payment system on the internet for ordering a new birth certificate, so I'm back to a search for my original. I think it might be under the utilities tray of the top drawer of my big, posh, curvey office desk which has been 'in storage' for the past 4 years. A trip into the hills to rediscover my furniture and just for the sake of taking a break. I am seriously losing the plot in frustration.

I need (just to remind myself what I have to do next)...

Birth certificate
Signed passport photo's
About another €300 to cover costs

Then get to Madrid.

Apply for new passport.
Wait about 2 weeks.
Apply for residencia thingy.
Open bank account.
Wait about 2 weeks.

Find appartment, or just a room for a year.
Move everything from current storage locations to new appartment/room.

Then, I can finally move forwards.

Lots of expense. Lots of time. It's fucking shit.

Deep sigh. If my birth certificate is where I think it is, I'm expecting to be on the move again in about 2 months. If it isn't??? Fuck knows where I go from there :(

I hate this shit. I am very close to superglueing every ATM and bank door lock in Spain. That'll fucking teach them!

I just want MY FUCKING MONEY BACK you cunts.


Dave said...


Good to meet you last night - in person you are a real gentleman.

Keep up the blogs


The Lost Photographer said...


I tend to release my frustrations here (and, other places on the net). Probably gives a very false impression, but at least it helps keep my mouth shut out in the real World!


Good Luck!

Arkangel said...


About a month ago I did a picture of you while you draw (thanks for the kindness). I just upload it to Flickr, here it is:

Greetings, and good luck!

The Lost Photographer said...

Thanks for this.

Nice photo!