Tuesday, 1 February 2011

What Happend to January?

Blimey! It's flying by.

I have finally found the time (and motivation) to read my entire blog. I've also edited much. There are no 'f' and 'c' words in the book proposal. There's also a fair bit that isn'y included here.

Right at the start I intended to blog everything, no matter how grim, bleak, or inconsequential it seemed at the time. However, some thing happend that I just didn't want to remember. Some of the people I met on the streets died. I watched one person overdose on heroin right in front of my eyes. Someone else was found suffocated in a clothes recycling bin. That is barely touching the surface of the darker side of street life. When you spend almost every passing hour of every passing day working on the streets you see it all. Everything. And, everything isn't all nice.

Then there was the physical abuse from some idiot Policia Local. Sitting on a bench one evening I was approached by 3 Policia Local who asked for my ID. I showed it to them - no problems. I wasn't doing anything which could be in anyway construed as suspicious. I was only polite. They then decided they wanted to search me. Took me into an alley and took it in turns to beat me around the head. That shook me up a great deal. What can you do other than just stand there and take it? Police with guns.

Despite the ugly experiences, there are many places I would like to revisit between hikes in Africa. There are also many places I have yet to see in Spain. One place is the coast of North Catalunya close to the French border. I will go this weekend. Then I will return to Laxe and Camelle in Galicia - possibly my favourite bit of coastal Spain. And, I will post photographs here!

I'm currently in a small village near a town called Vic about 100KM north of Barcelona. Wondering whether this is going to become my base, or whether elsewhere in Spain suits me more. I sort of fancy a base in Laxe/Camelle and a base in Granada, or Madrid, or Leon for city living. Photos of here...

Unusual to find a Saint James in a tiny village so far away from a recognised pilgrimage route, although Montserat is not too far away.

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