Friday, 11 March 2011

Africa seems to be on hold until autumn, so...

I'm doing a Euro adventure for the summer. From Granada to Estonia.

Same idea to sell paintings on the web to raise money for charity (winning bidder pays the charity of their choice) whilst accepting donations for sketches and prints to help cover my costs. I may make more than I need. This trip will be recorded as a business guide for anyone wanting to try and pay for their own art/travel holiday adventure.

I'm going to make it tough for myself just to show that it is possible with very little cash. Starting quite literally with nothing more than essential work tools: sketch book and pens, paints, camera to record stills and video, my favourite toy - A Reflecta 230x digimicroscope just for my own entertainment, notebook loaded with necessary software. About €500 in total, but the only real essential to get started is sketchbook and pens.

My only goal is to get to Estonia one way, or another covering my costs through art. Hopefully, people will buy paintings for charity also.

I'll record all that I can and, this time keep an open account on business details as well as recording all art work photographically, making videos etc. With all I learned from my Santiago de Compostela adventures I know how to make it work a bit more successfully this time. I hope!

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Victoria said...

Wow, you make me happy. I've always wanted to travel after I graduate and everyone tells me I probably won't bcause of money and time, and jobs, and blah blah blah boring grown up stuff. But you're doing it! That is so cool!