Thursday, 31 March 2011

A very nice place to stay...

It's the 'me' themed hotel :)

I'm in Granada until Tuesday. Lots of work. More stuff to do. Start moving again Tuesday night. First painting to auction for charity will appear here before I hit the road. I'm going to do a set of 7 Sirens and sell them on ebay with the winning bidder paying the charity of their choice. We'll see how it goes???


Grace said...

I saw a drawing of yours last Saturday in Granada, and I liked it so much that I remembered your blog!

Anonymous said...

I saw you in Granada a few weeks ago too. I think that you do it´s great. Granada is a beautiful city, but I hope that you come to M├ílaga too, my hometown.

P.d.: I remember this phrase near cathedral of Granada. I suppose that you too:

"Dale limosna, mujer,
que no hay en la vida nada
como la pena de ser ciego en Granada".

I hope see you again :)

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