Monday, 25 April 2011

The Secret Chinese - Madrid.

Finally moving in the right direction :)

Madrid is a city I know well and enjoy always. Top tip bfor travellers on a budget who enjoy good Chinese food: Go to the top end of Plaza EspaƱa and look for this entrance to an underground carpark. It's much more than just a carpark, but you would never know.

Keep following the steps until you find the Chinese cafeteria. Delicious, good value food and a rather cool place to be seen it seems.

Madrid has a huge homeless population currently. The most street people I've ever seen in a city. Almost every redundant, dry corner is taken by a rough sleeper. I'm guessing many people have just arrived looking for summer work, but I know many are also permanently on the streets. Pretty sure some foreign tourists to Western Europe would be shocked to see this. The number of people even shocks me. Shouldn't be happening even during times of crisis.

Other than that I'm enjoying as ever.


Tammo said...

Indeed a hidden gem. A favourite of mine when in Madrid.
Hope you're well.

Art in Hiding said...

Hi Tammo,

I have a very good relationship with the Chinese community in Madrid. A happy bunch!

Currently in Biarritz learning new lingo. Only took me 5 years to get basic Spanish :D Now I'm doing French in a month. Heading to Paris, then on towards Estonia. Back in Granada end of summer.

Hope all is good.

Up Granada! They're gonna do it. I can sense it ;)


Amy said...

Hi John,

Good to know you're eating in a cool restaurant; you don't want to be seen in a geeky place.

I have decided it's high time I learned to speak Spanish. I am inspired by your five years.

I sent an email to your hotmail a couple of weeks ago...did you get it? Hope all is well....


Art in Hiding said...

Hi Amy,

Don't think I received an email.

I'm currently trying to get my head around French. Only took me 4 years to pick-up basic Spanish!

The quality of food is getting better all the time. I'm in SW France. Possibly the best seafood you could find anywhere.

john said...

hi there ..saw your work in granada in septemberjust reviewing my pictures and yours appeared so thought would email you and check to see how you were,,, .bayonne great was there in'69 biaritz old fashioned
cheers john