Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Pigeon Catchers.

I've already told you how friendly Granada is. Today the local environmental were re-homing pigeons. It was all being filmed by national telly people. Which is a shame really, because I had questions I couldn't ask. Specifically; "how do you stop the pigeons homing back to the plaza?".

Being rather suspicious, sceptical and cynical I think the corn they feed the pigeons is 'special corn' that prevents them from returning anywhere other than pigeon heaven.

All this happened just 10 minutes ago. I bring you the news that really matters as it happens, when it happens before TVE even get to the editing suite and corrupt stuff with the PR people.

See! This is going to be good :)

1. Corden off the square before asking me to move.
2. Bait with corn.
3. Fire big net over pigeons.
4. Put them in box and take them to the rubbish dump.

The TV people interviewed those watching. They didn't interview me. If they had I would have told them straight: "Pigeons have as much right as humans to be on this planet, but we must control them, or they will take over the World and end up controlling us!".

The news is unlikley to be as exciting, and as fresh as this piece on all posts I make, but I promise to do my best if people buy my paintings to raise money for charity.


Amy said...


I bought one of your drawings today and i love it. great blog site! pigeon relocation...interesting....



Art in Hiding said...

Hi Amy,

Really nice to talk with you. I-m still mulling over a few of the things we discussed :)

Enjoy Granada. Enjoy Spain.

All the best,


Amy said...


I looked for you today, thursday, but you were not there. But i did see you about 7:00 when we were getting on bus to go eat; could not ditch friend to come and talk. Sorry i missed you! i had some why are you "lost"? And why is granada a "trap"? Do you mean tourist or personal? (excuse the bad on smart phone and it is a pain.)

stay in touch. Email direct to your site defaults to gmail, but prefer yahoo...

Leaving for barcelona 9:00am plane.....


Art in Hiding said...

Hi Amy,

For some reason my blog links to an old email address of a friend. Something to do with a Google account he opened on my PC??? You can email me at

Granada is a trap. It never lets you go. Hidden in Torre de Vela is a huge people magnet which attracts all the beautiful people and keeps them here. Sometimes it goes wrong and find the ugly likes of me! It's a running joke amongst many who come here intending to stay just a few weeks and end up staying months, or years and always returning. It's just a very nice place to live.

TheLostPhotographer name came from an old project featuring 360ยบ panoramic photographs. People had to guess where I was. The name just stuck. I post under ArtInHiding also - a future project which may, or may not happen.

Two commissions to complete and then perhaps I will finally start walking towards Estonia.

Barcelona is a very beautiful city, but... WATCH YOUR BAGS!!!