Friday, 19 August 2011

Berlin is wet.

I'm stuck here. Weather has not helped, but it is a very difficult city to make money in.

Plan from here is to head towards Hannover (backwards again) to try and replenish funds before meeting up with some people in a small town to talk about more work. It's a project that interests me.

A sunny day yesterday followed by an almighty storm in the night. Today looks iffy.


killyoself said...

i don't think you're lost. i think you're just wet at the moment.

magmagik said...


weather is terrible. How about coming to Uslar this week? I'm back from Warsaw and we can work on the map in our town? You can also stay at our place, we have enough free rooms.


Art in Hiding said...

Hi Chris (and others).

I'm in Hannover making cash whilst the going is good. Plan to be in Uslar by Thursday morning. See you then.

magmagik said...

Hey great!!!

So I will wait here for you. If you need anything, just tell me.

Peace Chris

magmagik said...


still waiting for you. The address is

Auschnippe 50
37170 Uslar

Or just give me a call:



Art in Hiding said...

Hi Chris,

I'm chilling with a beer and resting my feet outside the hotel I stayed at last night (Menzhausen).

I'll call by at around 5PM.