Friday, 12 August 2011

My first major rant for a long time...

Belushi's, Oasis, St Christoper's - whatever they're calling themselves these days. The fact that they change their name so frequently says it all. Just don't people!

These guys are taking about €164 a night per room. That's a room shared by 8 with just *1 shower/toilet. As far as I can tell there is just one other toilet in the whole building.

I've just paid €55 for the smallest single room I have ever come across. WiFi doesn't work.

On the plus side - the staff are all very fucking lovelly.

Oasis/Belushi/St Christopher??? Not good. Not good at all.

*Actually, that's 1 shower/toilet between about 80 people. There is no bathroom in the dorms. Is this legal?

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