Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dusseldorf - Koln.

A brief update.

Uslar. I enjoyed very much - great bunch of people (I will be in touch soon).

A fabulous Indian summer in Dusseldorf and Koln (not sure if they use that expression in German?). Fine weather. Good work. All is good. Staying for as long as I'm busy. But, I have to return to Granada soon.


André Leslie said...

Dear Sir,

we would be interested in doing a profile on you for our radio and online programming at Deutsche Welle, based in Bonn.

Are you still in Cologne? If so, would you be interested in giving us an interview??

We can come to you, of course!

Best regards,
André Leslie

Art in Hiding said...


More than happy to be interviewed. I think I will be in Cologne for the weekend. Sketching, or painting the south aspect of the cathedral.

You can email me at, or leave a message here.


Lulu B said...

Art in Hiding,

I am in the group that bought a lovely sketch of the square outside of the Köln Cathedral on Friday. I hope you are staying warm and able to sell your work. It was a pleasure talking to you! We will send a photo of your sketch's new home when we've put it up. Until then, good luck getting back to Granada.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

Art in Hiding said...


Thanks for leaving a message. Cold and wet here again after a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. I've decided to 'cheat' and take a train t5o Paris tomorrow. From there I will take a train to Barcelona for a few days work. You may see me around.

I have to get to Granada quickish now. No mre hiking until next year.

Thanks for buying the sketch - I rely on sketch sales to pay for my own keep. You guys were a great help on a very wet day!

Bob said...

Hi John,

How are you doing? Just signed up.
Nice to meet you in Cologne, a nice end of very short trip.
Train ride was fine, ended up in a pub back in Amsterdam...nice.

Hope to hear from you and see some more work.

Good luck and hope to meet you again,