Monday, 24 October 2011

On a lighter note...

It's very wet, very windy, and yet strangely mild. Warm even.

I'm still in Sitges. Still collecting good work. Staying now in a very 'charming' traditional guest house type place. I like it. Art all over the walls with a very homely feel.

End of another adventure. What to do now?

Well, 'start another adventure' is the only good answer I can come up with. I tend to go through some sort of emtional release at the end of all these trips. I was expecting it this time, but it didn't happen.

For anyone wondering...

The Death of Mr Baltisberger was a reference to this weekends Moto GP tradgedy. Bohuml Harabl is possibly my favourite writer of short stories. You need to find a good translation mind.

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Lina said...

Hello! We saw your picture in Sitges and it was really beautifull!!! We put you some money there, good work!
We were there with our class because of the exchange to Igualada :)
Nice blog, Lina :)