Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Bats are Back.

This is good news.

Cafe bar Esmeralda seems good again also.

Life as an itinerant artist? Well, you have to travel. But, whilst I'm in Granada I'll post some insider tips. Sometime soon. Tomorrow maybe. Or, the next day. Who knows?


Alkiio said...

I saw you in Granada last Wednesday and that's how I knew your blog

Tere said...

Ellow photographer! I see you today in Granada. When you paint a picture

javier roman said...

Hi, I've seen you this monring in plaza Bib Rambla, hope you didn't get fined.
Politicians have become thieves in this country, sorry for that.

Art in Hiding said...

Hi Javier,

As far as politicians go - they are pretty much the same in every country. Looking after their own interests before the people they are supposed to serve.

The police this morning were more than reasonable when I asked them what they were going to charge me with ;)

jennkay36 said...

I haven't seen you, but I've seen the sketches you leave out on the plaza by the church up the hill from Plaza Nueva. We see these on our nightly walks - nice work! You're now on our blog.