Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cafe Bar Esmeralda has just gone shit.

Shame really. Don't know who the new people are, but they're fucking the place up.

So, still stuck in Granada :D

It's the Granada trap!


Will robot Kevin please fuck off with his spamming?


Brian Barry said...

Hi John,

Brian here - no relation to Kevin!

Here's a link to the lino thing I mentioned to you the last time we spoke.

The first video features everybody involved. The second video features my work and is a bit shorter.

See you soon.

Art in Hiding said...

Hi Brian.

Love it. Count me in for making things happen sooner rather than later!

Have your number, or you know where to find me.


Brian Barry said...

Ok. Let's talk about it over a drink soon. I'm busy over the next week or so but we could have a chat at the start of March.
Will keep in touch.

Pablo said...

I´ve got a photo that you will like :)

I bought you one picture (amazing!!) and it´s on a office from granada

my email is write me and i´ll send you a photo!!