Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back to Granada.

Work please. Anyone?


Eva Llobet said...

Hi John!

A couple of weeks ago you where in Denia sat on the floor, drawing a church placed in a typical square, on a big and brown piece of sheet. Do you still keep that draw? I loved it and I would like to have it.

Looking forward to receive your answer.

Best regards,


Art in Hiding said...

Hi Eva,

I always sell everything I draw, or paint. I don't carry stock.

Almost certain that I will be back in Denia at the end of May. Call/text, or email me.

Tlf: 689 744 929


I can always sketch a new drawing for you.

All the best,


Sarah Wang said...

I love your blog ! Wow its great seeing an artist here ~ I love paintings :p
sarahlovesblogging.blogspot.ca Please visit !