Monday, 7 April 2014

Adios Granada.

Fuck it.

I can't afford another fine for being an artist. 'Occupation of a public space'. €150. I am public - it is our space. Frankly, if Granada doesn't appreciate the touristic value of an artist working on the streets (public space), then there are plenty of other cities that do.

I'm off on a bitter note.

As if a fine for sketching in a public space isn't bad enough, I now see I am publicly criminalised on a website. No big deal unless I am asking clients for deposits and retainers. A simple Google now tells all that I am not trustworthy, just because I sketch in public spaces.

Add to this the fact that I have never been issued with a written notice of a fine...

Fuck you Granada.



Holly Chandler said...

Hi John. Do you remember a group of rowdy school kids from Essex that came and chatted to you for a bit last October when you had just started a drawing of Granada square? Does the name Bunty ring any bells? Well I'm not her but I am from her school and I just wanted to say hi. Sorry to hear about your troubles in Granada, I hope you are treated better wherever you choose to travel in the future. Also I'd love to see the finished sketch seeing as I saw it from the very beginning and art is something I'm interested in (GCSE) so could you please let me know where I could see it? Carry on doing what you're doing

Art in Hiding said...

Hi Holly, of course I remember the rowdy bunch from Essex. Hope you all have fond memories of your trip to Granada - it is a very special city.

I sell everything I sketch on the day usually, and only photograph if it is a subject I haven't sketched before. However, if you scroll through my blog you find something very similar.

Thanks for getting in touch and enjoy your art!

All the best,


Holly Chandler said...

Thank you for taking the time to reply!
We all really enjoyed our time in Granada although I don't think that one day did justice to such a beautiful city so I'll have to return when I'm older.
I'll definately have a look through your blog when I get some free time, from what I saw your perspective was impressive and that's something I struggle with so I commend you for that!
All the best for the future,

Madalin Blidaru said...

Good to know about this irrelevant law from Granada.

Good luck!