Sunday, 24 September 2017

A weekend in Nazare.

I am not entirely sure why I like this place so much. I feel very content here - my plan is to find an affordable 'off-season' rental to make my base, whilst working weekends in Lisbon, or Porto. Lisbon is much easier logistically. Porto is my preference.

I would like to paint seascapes (or, more specifically 'waves') during the winter. Also, continuing 'Evolution of a Goddess'. With a bit of luck, I'm pretty sure I can make this work.

Very big thank you to all the good people at Lisbon's newest 5 star hotel - Corpo Santo for the nice work. More like that would be great. Also, have to mention Hostal Lisbon Calling - very nice for backpacking visitors.

Oh! And, thanks to Chazee ;) Was a fun week. I think??? Who knows TBH. I'll post your tooth onto your new destination tomorrow. Don't really need to say much more than that :D

So, I am starting a property search. Six months, possibly much, much longer.

Nazare according to Wiki.

It is a very special place. I can't explain why exactly, but it is.


Tammo said...

Nazare boasts the record for the biggest wave ever surfed....estimated around 100ft!! Happy travels, John

Art in Hiding said...

Hi Tammo,

Very nice to read from you - hope all is good. The waves were impressive here back in July/August. Much more spectacular now. Happily travelling, but seriously thinking it is time to settle. Totally F***** foot, and then back this year are reminding me that years are passing. Can't believe it has been almost Ten years since starting this blog. I think you were the last person I spoke to in Granada as I was setting off to Santiago for the first time. Your generosity paid for a much valued sleeping bag and more. I will honestly never forget.

Time flys!

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