Thursday, 28 September 2017

BananaCafe - Lisboa.

I like these guys. They have been very good to me.

I have been working in Praça do Municipio just becuase I love the relief sculpture on the old court house, and because Banana Cafe is here. It is fairly quiet place. Not great for selling to tourists, but it is proving to be a fabulous pitch for picking up commissions from local people and businesses. That said, I have just sold a nice sketch to someone from Switzerland, so perhaps it is good for international business also??????????????????

Anyway, I haven't looked at a mirror for some time now, but judging by the way I feel, I think this guy got me spot on...

Poorly foot and back. Thank the almighty for the pharmacist in the skies and Bohemia Original!

Painfully F*****, but otherwise, all is hunky dory.