Sunday, 31 December 2017

Another New Year!

If we could stop them, non of us would get any older! Not for me to be such a kill joy, but I am beginning to think we have all been duped into celebrating something we shouldn't really be celebrating.

Anyway, life in Lisbon is a little quiet socially. Say 'hello' to my new girlfriend...

She is beautiful and BIG. If she ever stands up, she will tower over me by 2 Meters :)

A very obedient model. There are many of them in Lisbon. I love this sort of stuff also...

Beautiful work.

I am enjoying life here. However, something feels 'empty' and I am not quite sure what that 'empty' is? Perhaps it is just the lack of social life. Dunno.

Here's another photo from the smartphone archive.

I'm going to take a holiday. Happy New Year.

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