Monday, 11 December 2017


I hope Super Furry Animals don't mind me doing this :D

I'm sure they wouldn't. I am on a total SFA's vibe presently. The accent sort of reminds me of what was once home. Well, close enough.


Fun for fun.


Globalhobbit said...

Hey man, saw you in Lisbon a few week's back. Here in Malaga I was talking to my friend about you.... she was so pleased to here about where you were. You were doing a drawing on cardboard.. good luck in your mate is called Fatima. 🕯

Art in Hiding said...

Hi there.

Big hello and smiles to Fatima - hope the dancing is keeping her warm and happy.

I was sketching on brown craft paper. I looks a bit like cardboard. Fatima has seen it many times in Andalucia. I am now based in Portugal with a little less travel, but may well pass through Malaga again one day. Best wishes to all in Placa de la Merced!

Globalhobbit said...

A return messege from Fatima....:):):):);) i love this man he's got such gacefull attitude:) makes me happy to know he's doing well :)