Monday, 5 April 2010


And, on to Laxe.

A bit of a change in plan/approach due to lack of funds. Obviously, I don't want to turn up in some tiny village skint. Plan now is to go on a bit of a reccy. I will paint in a location where most will see me and stick a written explanation (who I am and what I want to do) next to my painting. Hopefully, after a couple of days I will have the info and contacts I need to make this happen.

Soy un artista Britanico recaudando dinero para organizaciones caritativas en España y el Reino Unido. Mi plan es vivir en Laxe durante un año y crear 5 cuadros a la semana para vender en internet y donar el dinero a dichas organizaciones. Necesitaría encontrar un alojamiento asequible durante este tiempo.

I am a British artist raising money for charities in Spain and the UK. I intend to live in Laxe for 1 year and create 5 paintings a week to auction on the internet for charity. I need cheap accommodation for this year.

If you don't ask - you don't get.

Being the cheeky, no shame fuck that I am, I plan to approach the mayor and local tourism bod's asking for help :)

There are many reasons I have chosen Laxe for this project. Mostly because the area is just outrageously beautiful and extremely varied in landscape.

A little bit apprehensive about turning up in a tiny village where no-one will speak English (my clumsy Spanish is gradually turning into clumsy Gallego) although, my previous experience of small villages in this part of Spain suggest I have little to worry about.

Back in Santiago to work next weekend. Plan from now on is to paint on the coast by week and work the cities at weekends for my own pocket money.


Jean-Marc said...


Are you aware that there is a good albergue de peregrinos in A Laxe. You could make an attempt at being lodged there as a permament resident, cum hospitalero.

Just a thought!

The Lost Photographer said...

Not read from you for a while!

I didn't know that. Worth exploring.