Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spanish Mobile No8 Bites the Dust.

It just gets fucking worse here.

Sitting down in Praza Quintana texting mates and some crazy woman sticks a knife in my face demanding my mobile. Initially I tell her to fuck off, then realise trying to calm her down is probably the better idea. She grabbed my mobile, and instead of running off with it, just smashed it!

All of this happened in front of Policia Nacional. I have to show my ID - fair enough. It's the law here. But, they let crazy person go - she will undoubtedly do the same to someone else who may not be as used to these sort of situations as I am. In the meantime, I get given a hard time for drinking a can of beer and littering the plaza with my sketch (I threw a tantrum myself yesterday when the cunts stole my sketch).

So, on the first dry, sunny weekend I get in Santiago instead of making decent cash I'm down the cost of a replacement phone and I need to source paper on a Sunday to try and recover something. That stolen sketch wasn't just a stolen sketch that would have sold for €50, or so. It was the paper I had to work with.

I'm just a little bit more angry than I was yesterday. I do not like it here!


arshad said...

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arshad said...

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The Lost Photographer said...


arshad seems like a very nive person. Wonder if he realises how his name translates?

twardziel said...

I hope it will get better after all. I've seen you working when I finally arrived in Santiago. And your work gave me hope, that the lifestyle of my dreams really existsm that's it's possible just to walk and walk, withut having a home, even though it's not easy. Now I regret I was to shy to talk to you a bit. Anyway, all the best and good luck - with weather, policia and all the other stuff!