Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The weather was good. The crowds were good. All looked perfect.

€6.28 in 12 hours!

Something is wrong here. This time last year I would have banked on €100 for a day like this. It's worrying - I'm in trouble.

Anyone reading here know how you survive on €6.28 a day?

Bed = €15
Food = €4 (without good nourishment)
Cigarettes = €3 (well, yeah, OK)
Wine = €2 (well, yeah, again - not a need, but...)

Then there are all the other things. Life saving medicine, clothes, internet and mobile top-ups.

Obviously, a holiday in Portugal is completely out of the question ATM. I just want to know how to escape this God forbidden hell hole!

This is it.

Even I need money to live. Forget the charity cause. Currently, I'm not even making enough for my own bed. Never mind travel. Worse than that, I may well go hungry!!! God forbid! I get very angry when I get hungry :(

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