Thursday, 28 July 2011

Vienna, Bratislava and a Strange Town in Deepest Darkest Slovakia.

I'm back in Vienna. It seems to have rained constantly for the past 10 days wherever I've been.

A break for a few days in a very beautiful place on the edge of a very strange town near Lucenec. Serious drinking which appears to have left me with a very painful absess on my gum. Feet are much improved.

Vienna is - exactly as you would expect - a stunning city for architectural sketching. I'm on a bit of an uphill mission to make enough cash to get me to Berlin from here. Bratislava was nice also, but much, much smaller.

Not sure how to cope with the rain. It's big, very wet, and very persistent.


Chris said...

Nice to bump into you in Vienna - good luck with your project and I hope you make it to Berlin and beyond.

Art in Hiding said...


Nice to meet you both also. Enjoy the filming and travelling.

Think I'm set to start walking again on Wednesday. Onwards and upwards!

Abd A. Masoud said...

Hi, I was happy meeting you despite the short time. Thank you for the nice sketch we liked it much. i wish you a nice trip and hope you will have nice weather till the end of your journey.
Regards, abd

hausi said...

With best regards from Austria (Vienna)

If you need a lager version, send me a e-mail.